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We always try to keep our bodies healthy and healthy by exercising and moving – yet we often forget a very important body part that also needs regular exercise: The eyes! Follow these five tips and keep your eyes beautiful and healthy!

1. Blinking exercise: Blink moisturize the cornea and pause the brain for visual impressions. Sit for a ½ min. and blink regularly and relaxed.

2. Do you often have black circles under your eyes? So it may be a sign that you are not getting enough sleep. One recommends eight hours a day. 24 hours – and preferably more if you are a teenager. After all, there is a reason why you call it your “beauty sleep”.

3. The eyeball exercise: It is healthy for the eye to move. Sit for a ½ min. and look at different things around the room. It’s a simple but really good exercise!

4. Color Concentration Exercise: Walk around and focus on all the red things you can spot. When you lose concentration, you can just choose a new color.

5. Eat plenty of vitamin A! It is important for vision and helps keep your eyes healthy and healthy. Vitamin A is found among other things in fish and dark green vegetables – such as spinach and broccoli.

Get perfect lashes

We guide you on how to make a nice makeup and get perfect lashes.

It is super nice with long, curved and rich eyelashes. But how are you getting them? We will guide you here.

How to get long lashes:

• Put the mascara on the outside of your lashes. Look down while putting a layer of mascara on the lashes. When it’s dry, put a layer on it.

• Use an eyeliner to fill in between the lashes to make them appear more full-bodied and longer.

How to get curved lashes:

• You can buy a tilt curler that you can fold your lashes with. Be sure to succumb to the longest lashes, for it has a great result.

How to get rich lashes:

• Make zigzag movements with the brush when applying the mascara. This way you will cover all the eyelash hairs.

• Place a layer of thin layer of powder on the lashes when you have laid a layer of mascara. Then add another layer of mascara.

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