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We are talking about supplements that are scientifically proven to work. Think of amino acids, serine and micronutrients (vitamins from vegetable sources that occur in small quantities). Beard Growth Spray Review


Minoxidil is the only, local hair growth product that results from 3 months and within 12 months. Minoxidil ensures that the hair follicles absorb nutrients and hormones, which of course can produce a very positive effect. Like biotin, Minoxidil reduces hair loss and provides new hair. Note: these new hairs can also have a different color than your original hair color. Monixidil you apply twice a day to the places where you want to stimulate hair growth and let it dry. The result is of course different per person, but in general Minoxidil is actually the only real way to accelerate beard growth. It is recommended to use the product if you are younger than 40 years.

The product can be bought in foam emulsion or lotion in both 2% and 5% strength. Note if you use the 5%, because it is more likely to cause side effects. As soon as you stop Minoxidil, your new hairs can also disappear. For more information on how minoxidil works for your beard growth, visit My Beard Guy to get complete details.


After three months of effect
Maximum effect after 12 months


Skin can feel dry
Possibly different hair color
As soon as you stop there is a chance that your ‘new’ hair will no longer grow


Biotin is similar to vitamin B8 and is necessary to properly absorb nutrients from food. This results in healthy skin and therefore hair. It is not that Biotine stimulates hair growth, but it has been shown that a shortage of Biotine causes hair loss. Supplement Biotine therefore if you think you have too short. Biotin occurs naturally in nuts and dairy.

Note: the recommended amount of Biotin per day for adults is 40 micrograms


The use of a Dermaroller stimulates beard growth in most men. A Dermaroller punctures microscopically small holes in the area where you use the roller, so that:

The blood circulation is stimulated, which in turn helps to transport nutrients and hormones to the hair follicle
Your body sees the small holes as damaged tissue, causing keratin and proteins to be sent to the area for repair (the same happens with muscle pain, where micro-cracks are present in your muscles)

A Dermaroller works best in combination with Minoxidil.

To grow a beard you first have to make an appointment with yourself to really make the commitment. Think also why you want to grow a beard exactly. Does a beard fit well with your character, or do you want to get rid of that baby face?

Then start a period of four weeks in which you do not shave or trim. After the first four weeks of beard growth your hair is long enough to move on to the next stages: trimming and maintaining.

Taking care of your beard is best done by combing it with a beard comb, after you have used beard oil so that the hairs break less quickly. Trimming your beard is done to remove dead ends, which makes the hair grow better. To keep the beard clean and to care for the skin under the beard, use beard shampoo and a conditioner. This ritual is best done twice a week.

Bald spots are unfortunately genetically determined. But no reason to panic: in the end, the rest of your beard is long enough to cover the bald spots.

Beard growth can be stimulated by a good night’s sleep, food and lifestyle. In terms of supplements, you have the choice of Minoxidil, which has been scientifically proven to promote the growth of hair.

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