5 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

5 Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Eyes

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We always try to keep our bodies healthy and healthy by exercising and moving – yet we often forget a very important body part that also needs regular exercise: The eyes! Follow these five tips and keep your eyes beautiful and healthy!

1. Blinking exercise: Blink moisturize the cornea and pause the brain for visual impressions. Sit for a ½ min. and blink regularly and relaxed.

2. Do you often have black circles under your eyes? So it may be a sign that you are not getting enough sleep. One recommends eight hours a day. 24 hours – and preferably more if you are a teenager. After all, there is a reason why you call it your “beauty sleep”.

3. The eyeball exercise: It is healthy for the eye to move. Sit for a ½ min. and look at different things around the room. It’s a simple but really good exercise!

4. Color Concentration Exercise: Walk around and focus on all the red things you can spot. When you lose concentration, you can just choose a new color.

5. Eat plenty of vitamin A! It is important for vision and helps keep your eyes healthy and healthy. Vitamin A is found among other things in fish and dark green vegetables – such as spinach and broccoli.

Get perfect lashes

We guide you on how to make a nice makeup and get perfect lashes.

It is super nice with long, curved and rich eyelashes. But how are you getting them? We will guide you here.

How to get long lashes:

• Put the mascara on the outside of your lashes. Look down while putting a layer of mascara on the lashes. When it’s dry, put a layer on it.

• Use an eyeliner to fill in between the lashes to make them appear more full-bodied and longer.

How to get curved lashes:

• You can buy a tilt curler that you can fold your lashes with. Be sure to succumb to the longest lashes, for it has a great result.

How to get rich lashes:

• Make zigzag movements with the brush when applying the mascara. This way you will cover all the eyelash hairs.

• Place a layer of thin layer of powder on the lashes when you have laid a layer of mascara. Then add another layer of mascara.

You can increase intelligence

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For decades, it was considered impossible to increase the personal IQ. Intelligence was regarded as a genetically determined and constantly enduring talent of man. The current science contradicts that theory.

Intelligence can be seen as mental fitness. The more intelligent a person is, the higher the obstacles that his brain can overcome in a short time and that is something that one can read from his performance. Lumonol

Intelligence quotient or IQ

Our intelligence can be measured in an intelligence test where the degree of intelligence is expressed by means of a figure, intelligence quotient or abbreviated IQ. But of course the entire spectrum of mental skills can not be adequately expressed in a figure, one just sees it.

Intelligence can be trained

Intelligence is only determined to a certain extent hereditary. There is no such thing as a single “intelligence gene.” There are probably hundreds who influence each other. The rest is determined by environmental factors.

Today scientists from brain research know that our IQ can be increased. On the basis of research and experiments, the assumption could be confirmed that the intelligence is a dynamic property. But what time does intelligence increase? One can think of the mother’s diet during pregnancy, training of talents and stimulation of the IQ in our early childhood. For example, children do not just like reading books out of books, they also increase their intelligence!

brain health

Our brain is constantly evolving

“If you do not grow, you become smaller!” That is a Jewish wisdom of life. Our brain is a perpetual “building site”. Scientists and brain researchers from around the world have been researching for a long time why people are becoming smarter. This is purposely “becoming” instead of “being”, because scientists have determined that the intelligence of a person is not dependent on his genes, but is also a matter of personal development.

The IQ increases every school year

Brain cells renew themselves continuously and even in the elderly new cells are still added when they are used. Apparently our intelligence quotient increases every school year by about five points. Although pedagogues are aware that the intelligence quotient has limited value for the question of what will become of a human being, intelligent people generally earn more, are happier and even healthier .

Walking makes intelligent

In Sweden, after years of observation of 1.2 million Swedish recruits, it has been established that sport also slows mental decline and that sport at an early age increases intelligence. We now know that 10 to 15 km walking per week protects elderly people from spiritual decline.

Our brain is trainable until death

A research group led by psychologist Professor Walter J. Perrig of the University of Bern showed that intelligence remains trainable well into our adolescence. The Swiss believes that people should continue to train their minds permanently for lasting effects. Especially people who retire think too little. When people are retired, their analytical skills measured in IQ tests quickly return according to Professor James J. Flynn from the University of Otago in New Zealand.

Intelligence can be learned

What all these studies and hundreds of more of this kind of evidence shows is that intelligence is not a matter of heredity. Intelligence is learned by using our brains! The more we use them, the more intelligent and the more able to perform . The longer we use our brains and actively use them, the longer we stay fit and successful in old age.

The effect of brain boosters

Unfortunately, it is one of the detrimental effects of the information age that people are now increasingly leaving on smartphones and tablet PCs. More and more people do not make their minds sufficiently alert and swallow “brain boosters” like Ritalin or even beta-blockers for suppressing exam stress, which is why we take big health risks, because all these drugs have major side-effects, so medical science is constantly looking for alternatives to to keep the human brain going without pharmaceutical doping .

You eat smarter

Some currents in science even believe that one can also influence his intelligence through food. The concept of “Brain food” is something that has been a topic of attention for a long time in researching our brain functions. Especially in this context, a lot of value is attributed to omega-3 fatty acids from fish, flaxseed oil and walnuts. And very hopeful at the moment also the flavonoids from vegetables, cocoa, red wine, green tea and some types of berries.

Perfect male body in the eyes of the Woman

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Most of us are sometimes found in the gym, one perhaps more often than the other. And although we sometimes come up with the craziest reasons why we’re going there right now, it’s often to look better.

Length and weight

It is generally assumed that tall men are attractive. It is not that bad, because the dream man has an average length of 1 meter 82. This in combination with a weight of 84 kilos. It is of course dependent on the composition of your body. Are you 1 meter 82, weigh you 84 kilos but you have thin arms and a big belly, this logically will not be seen as ideal. The ideal waist size is around 82 centimeters.

Trained body

In the 1980s, men such as Arnold Schwarzenegger were immensely popular among women. Pumped up men, often achieved in a not very natural way. Today there are still men who walk in that way, or who have the same ambition in any case. But it turns out that women usually do not like this at all. The ideal body is now mostly trained, slightly muscular with visible abdominal muscles. going at this website

Other characteristics

Outside the body we also investigated what women would prefer to see in a man. They indicate that the face is still the most important. In terms of hair color, women prefer brown locks, followed closely by black and blonde. As far as the color of the eyes is concerned, women often find the color blue the most attractive. After amber and green eyes, blue is the most special color. Only 2% of the world’s population has blue eyes.

If you have brown locks, blue eyes and also in terms of body close to the ideal picture, lucky you. If this is not the case, you do not have to grieve, with lesser genes you can still look good.

How to lose belly fat in two months

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Whether you are looking forward to an upcoming vacation or trying to change your lifestyle, the loss of your stomach fat in two months may seem hopeless. Stomach fat accumulates over time due to unhealthy eating habits, and non-active lifestyle. It is much easier to get stomach fat than it loses, especially in two months’ time, but if you correct your eating habits and change your lifestyle, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Eat more whole grains and less refined grains. Full grain, such as whole-grain bread and whole-grain pasta, has shown to help with the loss of fat stomach against refined grains, such as white bread and white rice, according to the ISIRC website. Most whole grain foods have the world “Whole” somewhere on the label.

Exercise for at least 60 minutes a day. Focus mainly on aerobic exercises. Because aerobic workouts primarily target your stomach, your stomach fat is the first to go. Aerobic exercises include great walking, running, jumping rope, skiing, biking and even walking your dog. The more intense and consistent your workout, the more belly fat you will lose.

Consume less calories. Eating full grain and working out is definitely a step in the right direction, but you will lose more stomach fat and at a faster pace if you reduce your calorie intake. For example, if you are currently seizing 2000 calories a day, cut it off after 1700. If you drink cold drinks, it’s more or less two less soda per day, or one less snack at night. Controlling your calorie intake is not difficult-looking at the calories on the back of nutrition labels and setting a limitation for yourself every day.

Drink more water. While eight eight-cups of water are generally recommended daily, try to start with three or four if you do not normally drink water. You can start increasing your water intake over the first month, and then start drinking water mainly during the second month. Drinking more water will almost always lead to less stomach fat, because instead of using soda, tea or other unhealthy drinks that are full of calories, you are in possession of a liquid that has no calories.

Top 3 Home Recovery for Breast Enhancement

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Much Fruit


Fenugreek is known for its good home remedy for various things, but this time it can also be effective as a home remedy to increase breast size and firmness. This is because it stimulates estrogen and progesterone to produce better than ever.

Use halba powder and add water.
Paste paste will be placed on the breast and sorted with a circular motion.
Do it twice a day to get the best results.

Red Klawerblom

It is one of the herbs that make many people scared off by the time they realize that it is effective in increasing the size of payudara. Ini known to increase breast size for semulajadi. Pada same time can be the brush more sturdy.

You must get dry red clover flowers.
Place a red clover on warm water.
Make it about 30 minutes steeper.
Remove red clover.
Drink a mixture about 2-3 times a day.
It should take a few months to get the results you want.

Seed of Fennel

The thing about fennel seeds is that they can increase the size of the breast probably because it contains high levels of flavonoid known to increase the level of estrogen in the body. Of course, more estrogen in the body, the bigger the breast will be. It was said that angle seed could also increase the production of breast tissue.

Heat cinnamon oil with fried seed.
Grease oil and wait for cold oil.
Massage your brushes with oil.
Do it for about 10 minutes.
After the massage, leave the oil on the chest for another 30 minutes.
Wash with warm water.
Saw palmetto
You may have heard that before and you will hear it again. Saw Palmetto is said to be effective in making breast enlargement, especially because it contains phytonutrients and fatty acids. This combination will make the breasts bigger.

You can see palmetto tea after you have bought the famous in the market.
You have to have 2-3 cups of tea every day.
It has to be done for a few months or so to get the desired result.
Now that you already know the natural home remedies to increase the size of your breasts, you know that you no longer need an expensive procedure to get the weight you want.

Are there supplements that stimulate beard growth?

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We are talking about supplements that are scientifically proven to work. Think of amino acids, serine and micronutrients (vitamins from vegetable sources that occur in small quantities). Beard Growth Spray Review


Minoxidil is the only, local hair growth product that results from 3 months and within 12 months. Minoxidil ensures that the hair follicles absorb nutrients and hormones, which of course can produce a very positive effect. Like biotin, Minoxidil reduces hair loss and provides new hair. Note: these new hairs can also have a different color than your original hair color. Monixidil you apply twice a day to the places where you want to stimulate hair growth and let it dry. The result is of course different per person, but in general Minoxidil is actually the only real way to accelerate beard growth. It is recommended to use the product if you are younger than 40 years.

The product can be bought in foam emulsion or lotion in both 2% and 5% strength. Note if you use the 5%, because it is more likely to cause side effects. As soon as you stop Minoxidil, your new hairs can also disappear. For more information on how minoxidil works for your beard growth, visit My Beard Guy to get complete details.


After three months of effect
Maximum effect after 12 months


Skin can feel dry
Possibly different hair color
As soon as you stop there is a chance that your ‘new’ hair will no longer grow


Biotin is similar to vitamin B8 and is necessary to properly absorb nutrients from food. This results in healthy skin and therefore hair. It is not that Biotine stimulates hair growth, but it has been shown that a shortage of Biotine causes hair loss. Supplement Biotine therefore if you think you have too short. Biotin occurs naturally in nuts and dairy.

Note: the recommended amount of Biotin per day for adults is 40 micrograms


The use of a Dermaroller stimulates beard growth in most men. A Dermaroller punctures microscopically small holes in the area where you use the roller, so that:

The blood circulation is stimulated, which in turn helps to transport nutrients and hormones to the hair follicle
Your body sees the small holes as damaged tissue, causing keratin and proteins to be sent to the area for repair (the same happens with muscle pain, where micro-cracks are present in your muscles)

A Dermaroller works best in combination with Minoxidil.

To grow a beard you first have to make an appointment with yourself to really make the commitment. Think also why you want to grow a beard exactly. Does a beard fit well with your character, or do you want to get rid of that baby face?

Then start a period of four weeks in which you do not shave or trim. After the first four weeks of beard growth your hair is long enough to move on to the next stages: trimming and maintaining.

Taking care of your beard is best done by combing it with a beard comb, after you have used beard oil so that the hairs break less quickly. Trimming your beard is done to remove dead ends, which makes the hair grow better. To keep the beard clean and to care for the skin under the beard, use beard shampoo and a conditioner. This ritual is best done twice a week.

Bald spots are unfortunately genetically determined. But no reason to panic: in the end, the rest of your beard is long enough to cover the bald spots.

Beard growth can be stimulated by a good night’s sleep, food and lifestyle. In terms of supplements, you have the choice of Minoxidil, which has been scientifically proven to promote the growth of hair.

Can You Eat Too Much Fruit?

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Fruit is very healthy, we all know that. And it also has another advantage: most people like it. Fruit is therefore not only eaten at the main meals, but also as a snack. So many people easily get their recommended amount of two pieces of fruit a day – or they even go well over it.

But how healthy is that last option? Can you eat as much fruit as you want, or is it possible to eat too much fruit ? In our blog today we look at the advantages and disadvantages of large amounts of fruit in your diet .

Fruit is Healthy!

Much Fruit

First of all a refresher: why was it so important to eat enough fruit? To begin with, it is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals , especially vitamin C is much in fruit.

Fruit also contains many phytonutrients . These are nutrients that your body needs only small quantities of, but which are very healthy for you. Examples are flavonoids and polyphenols. Much research is still being done into the health effects of these substances.

Is fruit a fattener

Why would you still be able to eat too much fruit if it is so healthy? One of the most frequently heard warnings, especially on diet sites, is that fruit would be a ‘fattener’. Because it contains sugars , so goes the thought, it ensures the production of insulin , so that fat can be stored again.

That is nonsense, however. You only arrive when you eat more calories than your body uses. Even if you only eat fruit: as long as you come under your consumption, it is not a ‘fat maker’. Because fruit also contains relatively few calories (and relatively many fibers !), There is very little chance that you will get an extra apple in between.

Fructose in fruit

Yet it is true that eating too much fruit is not recommended. One of the reasons for this is the type of carbohydrate that is relatively common in fruit: fructose. This is one of the many forms of sugar, in addition to, for example, glucose. However, it is processed differently by the body: your liver must first convert it into glucose before it can be absorbed.

This means that it is relatively stressful for your body if you eat a lot of fructose. If it concerns reasonable quantities, you will not be bothered by it. However, if you eat fruit throughout the day, it can lead to problems. Abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloating are for example the consequences mentioned.

Acids in fruit

Furthermore, fruit contains a relatively large number of acids. These are also not unhealthy in principle. Although your tooth enamel is slightly affected when you eat fruit, it is automatically dissolved by your body. The only requirement is that you give your teeth time to recover.

That is exactly where it goes wrong if you eat too much fruit. Your tooth enamel then always gets too little time to ‘recover’, so that every next piece of fruit forms a larger attack. In the long run, that is a considerable burden for your teeth.

How Can You Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

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It is important to do abdominal fat burning exercises in addition to abdominal exercises. Exercises that ensure that body fat disappears everywhere on your body. It is important to pay attention to this in order to achieve a good result. Focus on the belly and also pay attention to the other areas of your body. Because you burn fat on your whole body, you will automatically lose fat on your stomach.

To burn belly fat you can do different exercises, Ziektevan Parkinson has explained various exercises to burn belly fat. Let’s go through some of the exercises with you.

Way 1: Get rid of fat by cardio training

First, it is good to do cardio exercises. Think of running, running, walking, rowing, swimming and cycling (also on an exercise bike) to burn fat. Do this a few times a week for half an hour at a not too high heart rate. The higher your heart rate , the more carbohydrates and sugars you will burn. And you want to burn fat! So make sure your heart rate is not too high.

What cardio trainings can you do?

Exercise bike
Jumping rope
Cycling and cycling
Roller skating

All these exercises will help you burn fat . As a result, you will naturally also have less belly fat. Training the abdominal fat with cardio training is a good idea.

Way 2: Get rid of belly fat through interval training

You can also opt for an interval training to burn more calories and fats. For example, you run hard (or go rowing or swimming or cycling) and do this for five minutes. After this, you sprint for 20 seconds and you take it easy for 10 seconds to start sprinting again. It is very intensive and will ensure that you get more endurance and also burn more fats. However, build this up slowly. This keeps it nice and you can also keep up with it much better.

Way 3: Get rid of belly fat by strength training

If you want a thinner stomach, it is important to grow more muscle mass . And the best you can train the large muscle groups of your body. Think of the leg muscles. By training the largest muscle groups more muscle mass is created. And more muscle mass means that you will burn more calories . Even if you do not exercise and do not move, you will burn calories.

More strength training means training off the belly fat. Firstly when you do the exercises and then also because of the larger muscle mass that develops. An additional advantage is that you will feel excellent after training.

Way 4: Get rid of belly fat with Intermittent Exercises

When burning belly fat you can do High intensity Intermittent Exercises . In short, it involves high intensity exercises with an interval. In Japan, it has been discovered that training with an interval at a high intensity will yield more results. In this way more fat is burned and the oxygen uptake is increased. The metabolism rises for the next 24 hours. The muscles work on the recovery of the body and provide for the supplementing of the energy level of the body. In addition to these exercises, you can do excellent cardio exercises and strength training.

Way 5: Get rid of belly fat with the Kettlebell

An excellent way to get rid of belly fat is by ensuring a good ratio of all hormones in your body. By making more growth hormones in your body you will burn more fats. During your sleep you make growth hormones. Even with the right combination of sets, repetitions and rest, the body will produce growth hormones . It is therefore good to stimulate the production of growth hormones so as to lose fat (and belly fat).

A Kettlebell workout is an excellent way to create more growth hormones. It helps you to lose weight in an easy and simple way. It has been studied in America that exercising with Kettlebell for 20 minutes is more effective to burn fat than running for an hour and doing weight training in a gym. And this is because through the combination of exercises with a Kettlebell you create more growth hormones.

It is important to do the right exercises in the right order. It is also important to do the training with the Kettlebell at the right interval with sufficient sets. Through a constant variation of exercises new training incentives arise. It is important to always keep moving forward. After six workouts your body is already getting used to the training. And then it is difficult to get windshield. By ensuring different exercises it is possible to get maximum belly fat. The abdominal fat burning exercises with the kettlebell must therefore provide sufficient variation to get stimuli.

Smooth Out Your Bed

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Also as stiff as a shelf in the morning and would you prefer to jump out of bed? With the following tips you keep your joints in top condition.

Tip 1: take it a step further

Joints become less flexible with years. The connective tissue becomes less elastic, the amount of cartilage decreases and an important fluid in the joint, the synovia, becomes less viscous. During sleep, the blood circulation is also at a lower level and especially the connective tissue and synovia do not do well. All of that can lead to morning stiffness.

Morning stiffness – Just a little extra exercise, that’s the best way to prevent stiff joints. Not just the ‘standard for healthy exercise’ from the Dutch government (half an hour of moderately intensive exercise per day), but a step up. That keeps the cartilage supple and the synovia syrupy, so they can do their job well. Important: it is not just about improving endurance, but also about growing stronger muscles. These are crucial for a smoothly operating joint. By the way, stiff joints can become supple again through sufficient sport and strong muscles . In short: sports helps to prevent and remedy stiffness!

For strong joints it is important to exercise in a ‘loaded’ manner. Swimming and cycling are healthy, but they hardly burden the joints, so they do not shoot that much. Walking, running (for the joints in the legs, which carry the weight), rowing (for arms, back and shoulders), that’s what sports are like to keep your joints stable and strong.

Tip 2: Practice in bed

Good idea against morning stiffness: let the body, and with it the joints, quietly get into action in bed by doing some exercises. Just, nicely stretched on the back.

Pull one leg up and stretch it again. That is good for the hip and knee joint. When stretching you can let the leg hit the mattress , but you can also keep the leg just above the mattress to train the abdominal muscles. Repeat this exercise ten times left, ten times right.

Pull the knee up and pull it as far as possible towards you. Hold the knee in the back of the knee or with your hands around the knee, which is most comfortable for you. Do this five times left, five times right. Good for the hip joint.

Pull both knees up and move them together first to the left, then to the right. Repeat this five times. Good for the hip joint and to loosen the back.

Stretch out one leg and make the other a bit shorter, as it were, by pulling them out and pulling them in. Ten times left and right alternate. You can make this longer and shorter of the legs from the hip, which makes it smoother. Also great for the back!

Sit upright and bend downwards a few times as far as possible, and to the left and to the right. Good for your hip and back.

These exercises are especially good for the joints that are heavily loaded, such as the knees and hips. In addition, there are of course joints that are much less loaded, such as the elbows, neck, shoulders, wrists and fingers. Are those stiff, warm who are already in bed by doing some light work.

Tip 3: move while sleeping

Do you wake up in exactly the same position in the morning that you went to sleep? That is not good, at least, not for the joints. They become extra stiff. Try to move at night, so: when you wake up half, turn around, stretch the legs or pull them in, hold the arms in a different position. Avoid the prone position, because it burdens the lower back too much.

Tip 4: keep the feet warm

A sleeping body puts the internal heater in a lower position. Not nice for the joints, which cool down and are therefore stiff when you wake up. A (flannel) pajama helps better to keep the body warm than for example an extra blanket. After all, a pajama is close to the skin and therefore holds heat, while there is always space between the body and the blanket, which makes cooling easier. And besides, does your duvet often touch loose at the bottom? Watch out: your feet cool down and that cold draws to the rest of the body. If you can not keep the duvet in check, put socks on at night.

Tip 5: Provide a cool, dry room

Moisture is disastrous for the joints. Do you have a damp house or a damp bedroom and suffer from morning stiffness, then that probably has a lot to do with moisture and it is necessary to do something about it. Cold is not good either, but that is no reason to sleep with the window closed: a closed bedroom leads to more moisture and a less good sleep.

Tip 6: Start with a hot shower

Immediately a good warm shower after sleeping helps the body warm up. Then loosen the joints with simple rotational movements. Bend a few times through the knees (as far as comfortable), swing your arms from front to back and let them rotate all the way, turn the wrists and ankles around, shake off the shoulder blades. You can only do the neck turning alone, and do it forwards: the neck joint is not made to move backwards and forwards. That usually feels very uncomfortable. Visit http://ziektevanparkinson.org/ to get more tips on eliminating sleeping disorder.

Brain Trainer Get Better Memory

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Do you keep your brain in shape? Mental strength training causes brain cells to form new connections while the brain cortex grows. Take care of your intellectual muscles with Illustrated Science’s brain training.

Most get permanent memory slots with age because the brain’s connections slowly fade and make the memories fade out.

But you can make sure to keep them running by training them.

1. Focus: Working Memory

brain health

If you want to remember roadmaps or a phone number that you will call in a while, it’s your working memory that is being tested.

The work memory is a small and volatile layer that only holds what you work with at a certain moment.

It is often confused with short-term memory, but some researchers distinguish them by working memory working information while short-term memory only stores them.

They therefore consider that short-term memory is part of the work memory.

2. Training

Researchers from, among others, the American John Hopkins University have compared two training types to improve your work memory and one was by far the best.

The winning exercise was a so-called dual n-back test that you can test in the video below.

Subjects trained with this test type 30 minutes each day, five days a week for one month, had higher activity in the front of the brain.

Puzzles also place demands on work memory because you often turn and twist a tray in your head before placing it.

The upcoming tasks also challenge your work memory.

In each row, rotate the figure to the left of your head and decide which of the three other characters it corresponds to. The solution is at the end of artkieln.

3. Here you Exercise

Working memory can trigger many different areas of the brain. But it is primarily the front part that is activated – the pannloop, which controls your attention so that you can focus on the task you have in front of you.

In addition , researchers often share the work memory into four parts:

1. A central control area

2. An area that manages visual and spatial impressions.

3. One that stores information in language form – some kind of reading in the head that activates areas along the back of the brain.

4. A buffer for the other parts that can lead the impressions to the long-term memory.

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