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How to lose belly fat in two months

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Whether you are looking forward to an upcoming vacation or trying to change your lifestyle, the loss of your stomach fat in two months may seem hopeless. Stomach fat accumulates over time due to unhealthy eating habits, and non-active lifestyle. It is much easier to get stomach fat than it loses, especially in two months’ time, but if you correct your eating habits and change your lifestyle, you can achieve your weight loss goals.

Eat more whole grains and less refined grains. Full grain, such as whole-grain bread and whole-grain pasta, has shown to help with the loss of fat stomach against refined grains, such as white bread and white rice, according to the ISIRC website. Most whole grain foods have the world “Whole” somewhere on the label.

Exercise for at least 60 minutes a day. Focus mainly on aerobic exercises. Because aerobic workouts primarily target your stomach, your stomach fat is the first to go. Aerobic exercises include great walking, running, jumping rope, skiing, biking and even walking your dog. The more intense and consistent your workout, the more belly fat you will lose.

Consume less calories. Eating full grain and working out is definitely a step in the right direction, but you will lose more stomach fat and at a faster pace if you reduce your calorie intake. For example, if you are currently seizing 2000 calories a day, cut it off after 1700. If you drink cold drinks, it’s more or less two less soda per day, or one less snack at night. Controlling your calorie intake is not difficult-looking at the calories on the back of nutrition labels and setting a limitation for yourself every day.

Drink more water. While eight eight-cups of water are generally recommended daily, try to start with three or four if you do not normally drink water. You can start increasing your water intake over the first month, and then start drinking water mainly during the second month. Drinking more water will almost always lead to less stomach fat, because instead of using soda, tea or other unhealthy drinks that are full of calories, you are in possession of a liquid that has no calories.

Can You Eat Too Much Fruit?

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Fruit is very healthy, we all know that. And it also has another advantage: most people like it. Fruit is therefore not only eaten at the main meals, but also as a snack. So many people easily get their recommended amount of two pieces of fruit a day – or they even go well over it.

But how healthy is that last option? Can you eat as much fruit as you want, or is it possible to eat too much fruit ? In our blog today we look at the advantages and disadvantages of large amounts of fruit in your diet .

Fruit is Healthy!

Much Fruit

First of all a refresher: why was it so important to eat enough fruit? To begin with, it is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals , especially vitamin C is much in fruit.

Fruit also contains many phytonutrients . These are nutrients that your body needs only small quantities of, but which are very healthy for you. Examples are flavonoids and polyphenols. Much research is still being done into the health effects of these substances.

Is fruit a fattener

Why would you still be able to eat too much fruit if it is so healthy? One of the most frequently heard warnings, especially on diet sites, is that fruit would be a ‘fattener’. Because it contains sugars , so goes the thought, it ensures the production of insulin , so that fat can be stored again.

That is nonsense, however. You only arrive when you eat more calories than your body uses. Even if you only eat fruit: as long as you come under your consumption, it is not a ‘fat maker’. Because fruit also contains relatively few calories (and relatively many fibers !), There is very little chance that you will get an extra apple in between.

Fructose in fruit

Yet it is true that eating too much fruit is not recommended. One of the reasons for this is the type of carbohydrate that is relatively common in fruit: fructose. This is one of the many forms of sugar, in addition to, for example, glucose. However, it is processed differently by the body: your liver must first convert it into glucose before it can be absorbed.

This means that it is relatively stressful for your body if you eat a lot of fructose. If it concerns reasonable quantities, you will not be bothered by it. However, if you eat fruit throughout the day, it can lead to problems. Abdominal pain, diarrhea and bloating are for example the consequences mentioned.

Acids in fruit

Furthermore, fruit contains a relatively large number of acids. These are also not unhealthy in principle. Although your tooth enamel is slightly affected when you eat fruit, it is automatically dissolved by your body. The only requirement is that you give your teeth time to recover.

That is exactly where it goes wrong if you eat too much fruit. Your tooth enamel then always gets too little time to ‘recover’, so that every next piece of fruit forms a larger attack. In the long run, that is a considerable burden for your teeth.

How Can You Get Rid Of Belly Fat?

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It is important to do abdominal fat burning exercises in addition to abdominal exercises. Exercises that ensure that body fat disappears everywhere on your body. It is important to pay attention to this in order to achieve a good result. Focus on the belly and also pay attention to the other areas of your body. Because you burn fat on your whole body, you will automatically lose fat on your stomach.

To burn belly fat you can do different exercises, Ziektevan Parkinson has explained various exercises to burn belly fat. Let’s go through some of the exercises with you.

Way 1: Get rid of fat by cardio training

First, it is good to do cardio exercises. Think of running, running, walking, rowing, swimming and cycling (also on an exercise bike) to burn fat. Do this a few times a week for half an hour at a not too high heart rate. The higher your heart rate , the more carbohydrates and sugars you will burn. And you want to burn fat! So make sure your heart rate is not too high.

What cardio trainings can you do?

Exercise bike
Jumping rope
Cycling and cycling
Roller skating

All these exercises will help you burn fat . As a result, you will naturally also have less belly fat. Training the abdominal fat with cardio training is a good idea.

Way 2: Get rid of belly fat through interval training

You can also opt for an interval training to burn more calories and fats. For example, you run hard (or go rowing or swimming or cycling) and do this for five minutes. After this, you sprint for 20 seconds and you take it easy for 10 seconds to start sprinting again. It is very intensive and will ensure that you get more endurance and also burn more fats. However, build this up slowly. This keeps it nice and you can also keep up with it much better.

Way 3: Get rid of belly fat by strength training

If you want a thinner stomach, it is important to grow more muscle mass . And the best you can train the large muscle groups of your body. Think of the leg muscles. By training the largest muscle groups more muscle mass is created. And more muscle mass means that you will burn more calories . Even if you do not exercise and do not move, you will burn calories.

More strength training means training off the belly fat. Firstly when you do the exercises and then also because of the larger muscle mass that develops. An additional advantage is that you will feel excellent after training.

Way 4: Get rid of belly fat with Intermittent Exercises

When burning belly fat you can do High intensity Intermittent Exercises . In short, it involves high intensity exercises with an interval. In Japan, it has been discovered that training with an interval at a high intensity will yield more results. In this way more fat is burned and the oxygen uptake is increased. The metabolism rises for the next 24 hours. The muscles work on the recovery of the body and provide for the supplementing of the energy level of the body. In addition to these exercises, you can do excellent cardio exercises and strength training.

Way 5: Get rid of belly fat with the Kettlebell

An excellent way to get rid of belly fat is by ensuring a good ratio of all hormones in your body. By making more growth hormones in your body you will burn more fats. During your sleep you make growth hormones. Even with the right combination of sets, repetitions and rest, the body will produce growth hormones . It is therefore good to stimulate the production of growth hormones so as to lose fat (and belly fat).

A Kettlebell workout is an excellent way to create more growth hormones. It helps you to lose weight in an easy and simple way. It has been studied in America that exercising with Kettlebell for 20 minutes is more effective to burn fat than running for an hour and doing weight training in a gym. And this is because through the combination of exercises with a Kettlebell you create more growth hormones.

It is important to do the right exercises in the right order. It is also important to do the training with the Kettlebell at the right interval with sufficient sets. Through a constant variation of exercises new training incentives arise. It is important to always keep moving forward. After six workouts your body is already getting used to the training. And then it is difficult to get windshield. By ensuring different exercises it is possible to get maximum belly fat. The abdominal fat burning exercises with the kettlebell must therefore provide sufficient variation to get stimuli.

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